A Season of Suffering

My dad is in a fight.

While he’s struggled with diabetes over the past couple of decades, complications from the disease have finally caught up with him. He’s struggling mightily.

He has a great surgeon. His doctor’s office is wonderful. Home health care has been responsive and helpful.

But the pain is constant. The recovery is slow. And with the physical struggles come internal, mental hardships. It’s hard to have a good attitude when you are in continual pain, but he’s trying.

Our friends and family constantly ask what my dad needs. His medical team is doing all they can do for him. My step-mom (an angel) gives him constant attention at home. Others sit and visit with dad…trying to take his mind off his current health struggle.

But he truly needs prayer. Sincere, constant prayer to lift him out of this health scare…prayer to help him with the pain. And prayer to aid in his recovery.

The Bible is filled with examples of faithful people who leaned on prayer when times were hard.

  • Jehoshaphat (2 Chronicles)
  • Shadrach, Mesach and Abednego (Daniel)
  • Paul (Ephesians)
  • Job

Prayer changes lives.

When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears them and delivers them out of all their troubles. Psalm 34:17

Prayer changes people.

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Romans 12:12

So, when we or those we love enter seasons of suffering…our default should be prayer. Focused, targeted prayer.

My request this week is for prayers for my dad, Big Keith. Prayers for his pain, treatment and healing.

And let me know how I can pray for you.

Prayer changes things….especially during suffering.

God bless you.


18 thoughts on “A Season of Suffering

  1. Didi says:

    The pain is real. The pain is burning. The pain is constant. Diabetics is so much more than just not eating sugar. It is a war! We will pray as warriors with Big Keith.

  2. Catherine Turner says:

    Dearest Big Keith, When my sister suffered with ALS, she and I spent hours upon hours together for three years. Her pain was awful. She was unable to turn or lift a leg or arm to relieve a pain in her shoulder or hip. I was strong and turned her and lifted and moved. One day, I saw her weeping. I thought my heart would burst. She said, “what can I do?” It was the saddest experience in my life. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit decided to tell her what to do through me. I spoke these words to her. “Mary Lou, be at the foot of the cross. look up at Jesus and the unimaginable pain He is suffering – right at this very moment – for you. For me. Offer up every ache, pain, fear to Our Lord. He will accept your suffering as your love for Him. Believe that all things a possible for Him. Tell Him you need His help. Then trust.” My sister smiled and said, “I’m sorry, Jesus. I got this.”
    May God feel your pain and feel your offering. Amen.

  3. lsolomons says:

    Prayers & hugs for Big Keith. Have Type II Diabetes and can empathize, although not in daily pain. He is fortunate to have you nearby.

  4. patouillet says:

    Keith- I’m praying for your Dad and all off those around him. Blessings, Lee

    Leland (Lee) D. Patouillet, Ph.D.
    Associate Vice Chancellor, Alumni Affairs
    University of Tennessee, Knoxville
    Tyson Alumni House
    1609 Melrose Avenue
    Knoxville, TN 37996
    Sent from my iPhone

  5. Sheryl Branson says:

    Keith I will definitely keep Big Keith in my prayers. I now have neuropathy so I can only imagine his pain. I hope you and your family are well. My time with you at UT Law was some of the best times. I miss you my friend!

  6. jluthiutmedu says:

    May God be with your Dad. I will pray for him. God Bless you and your family. John Luthi

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  7. Marolyn Kail says:

    May God bless your hearts and relieve Coach Carver’s pain. I understand pain’s strain on the body ( having RA for the past 40 years and losing my son, David, to diabetes at 32). Praying God will see fit to give him comfort and doctors will diagnose and treat him effectively.

  8. farmgirl says:

    This is just terrible. Job suffered greatly but knew it was temporary. When we view our situation as temporary we will be able to endure. Revelation 21:3-4. Psalms 37-9-11. Just a little while longer.

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