When you forget your pants

img_0751I’ve been preoccupied lately.  Too preoccupied, perhaps.

New job and new responsibilities.  Lots of commuting.  Long days and many new people to meet.  A schedule full of meetings, too.

I realized yesterday that I needed to pack for three consecutive days on the road.  While packing for the trip, I decided to return some phone calls.  Admittedly, I was distracted with the phone conversations and not focused on packing what I needed for my trip.

I got to the hotel late last night and realized that I didn’t have my shaving kit.  No toothbrush or toothpaste.  No razor.  Nothing.

I had also intended to finish up a Bible study during some quiet time at the hotel.  Nope.  I forgot my Bible too.

Finally- I realized that I had packed my new suit coat, but not the pants.  Yep, I had 1/2 a suit.  No tie either.

I didn’t have time to go purchase new dress slacks.  I would have to go with what I had in my suitcase…a mismatched suit coat and dress pants.

I drew lots of strange stares at the conference today, for sure.  If I were trying to make a fashion statement- it was an epic failure.

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.  Colossians 3:2

Has this ever happened to you?  Trivial things fill our days and preoccupy our minds.  If we aren’t careful, we can get so busy that we take our eyes off of what’s truly important.  We have to stay focused.

Please pray for me to spend less time being “busy” – and more time focused on Jesus.

And let me know how to pray for you.

God bless.


4 thoughts on “When you forget your pants

  1. Dana Hagan says:

    So sorry you have such a busy schedule! I guess that is to be expected. Praying that your schedule slows somewhat so that your body and mind can too. Prayers also for long rest during short sleeps! LOL! I know the Lord can provide immeasurably above all that we ask or even imagine! Ephesians 3:20

  2. jluthiutmedu says:

    Hang in there. Things will get better.

    I have to remind myself that God is good all the time, all the time God is good.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  3. Debi says:

    The scripture that I am studying now is Psalm 46; “Be still and know that I am God.” With hectic lives, it’s hard sometimes to just be still. Prayers are with you.

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