How to survive a heart attack


A good friend almost died last week.

He had a massive heart attack.  He’s young, active and eats right.  He’s the picture of health.

But he had a bad ticker.

His crisis revealed a series of hidden health problems.  The doctor discovered that he had high blood pressure and bad blood sugar.  Heavy amounts of plaque lined his arteries.  Not surprisingly, he had a history of heart problems in his family.  While he worked hard at being healthy, he simply couldn’t overcome genetics.

He was given medication, a new heart-healthy diet and prescribed activities that would allow him to heal and get his heart stronger.

The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks. Luke 6:45

Jesus is concerned about our heart health.

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.  Psalm 51:10

I have a sinful nature…bad traits and characteristics hidden deep within my heart that cause me to hurt others.  Barriers and bad habits that keep me at a distance from Jesus.  Perhaps you do too.

And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.  Ezekiel 36:26

I desire a new heart…and to be rid of my heart of stone.

Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the heart.  Proverbs 21:2

Pray for me to be more aware of the attitudes that hurt my heart.  And let me know how I may pray for you.

God bless.


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